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21st November 2016, two lectures on Canadian Literature were held at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb.

Prof. Martin Löschnigg from the University of Graz, Austria, held a lecture “Intertextuality in Recent Poetry on World War I: Remembering 1914-18”. The lecture was organized for the students of the Faculty as well as for the members and friends of CCAS. Prof. Löschnigg spoke of the presence of the Great War poetry in the 21st-century anglophone poetry, and especially about the collections published on the centennial of the First World War in 2014.

Prof. Maria Löschnigg from the University of Graz, Austria, held a lecture “Rewriting the British Canon: Djanet Sears’s Harlem Duet and Shakespeare’s Othello.” Where she spoke of the reinscriptions of Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello, in particular of Harlem Duet, and award-winning play by a Canadian playwright, actor and director Djanet Sears. The play’s plot is conceived as a prequel to Shakespeare’s Othello and is concerned about the racial issues in contemporary Canada and the US.

HKAD_Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony Jarman

17th November 2016, Mark Anthony Jarman is the guest writer at a literary evening “From Word to Word” in Booksa, Zagreb.

15 – 16 March 2016. The CCAS participated in the humanitarian fair organized by a Grammar High School in Zagreb. The school organizes a project of Entrepreneurial Competitiveness in the Labour Market for Secondary Grammar School Students, entitled “A Drop of Goodness”. Each year the students at the school undertake the project of humanitarian cause, to help out their financially challenged fellow students, as well as to collect funds for awards for the students who excel in competitions. In order to do so they organize a World Fair and Canada was one of the countries featured at the fair. CCAS contributed through Canadian souvenirs and a money donation.

HKAD_Laura Moss

Laura Moss

In October 2014 Laura Moss, from the University of British Columbia, gave a talk on the novel Green Grass, Running Water written by famous Canadian Native author and thinker Thomas King. The talk included the history of colonization of the territory that today belongs to Canada, the concept of “Indian” as construct that subsumes the different Native peoples under one group, the postcolonial reading of the novel and the insight into contemporary Native culture it offers.

HKAD_Lucie Joubert

Lucie Joubert: Beyond the Baby Carriage (original title: L’envers du landau, Triptyque, 2010)

Canadian author Lucie Joubert has been a professor for 20 years, and the main area of her research is female humour in literature. Along with the essay L’envers du landau, she is also the author of two published titles, Le Carquois de velours: l’au féminin ironie dans la littérature québécoise dedicated to women’s irony in Quebec literature, and L’Humour du sexe: le rire des filles, in which she writes on the topic of women’s humor.

After a successful Canadian promotion and winning the Prix du livre d’Ottawa prize, L’envers du essay landau was translated into Croatian, owing to the efforts of our member Evain Le Calve Ivičević. On November 4, 2014 in front of a large audience Lucie Joubert presented her book “Beyond the Baby Carriage: A View from a Different Angle to Motherhood and the Fascination Surrounding it” (translated by Leni Bastaić, ArTresor Press, 2014) at the Bogdan Ogrizović Library in Zagreb. Together with the author, Andrea Feldman and Zeljka Jelavic spoke about the book, with a word of welcome by the Ambassador of Canada, Mrs. Louise LaRocque.


Dr. Jason Blake’s talk and a film night

Dr. Jason Blake, Torontonian by birth, currently an assistant professor at the University of Ljubljana, gave a short lecture/presentation about the sporting cultures within Canada with a particular emphasis on arguably the most popular sport in Canadahockey. Jason described the importance of hockey in Canadian culture and its impact on the Canadian identity. Maurice Richard, a Canadian hockey icon, was also mentioned as an introduction to the movie bearing his name, which we watched after the lecture. In 2010 Jason published a book Canadian Hockey Literature (University of Toronto Press).


Mark Anthony Jarman in Zagreb

In June 2014 award-winning Canadian short story writer and poet Mark Anthony Jarman visited Zagreb and gave a talk and a reading in literary club Booksa. Croatian-Canadian Academic Association members gave their whole-hearted support from the audience.


Christmas reception 2014

Hrvoje Puh gave a presentation on the Thinking Canada 2013 study tour, which he was part of. The presentation included the basic facts about the tour: the programme, participants, the six cities and the institutions visited. Hrvoje also talked about the internship he did as part of the programme, and concluded with his personal experience and overall impressions of Canada.

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