Jasmina Havranek

Name: Jasmina Havranek

Position: Director, Agency for Science and Higher Education, Zagreb

Nationality: Croatian

Employment Record:
2007 – present: Director, Agency for Science and Higher Education, Zagreb
2007 – present: Deputy Head of Department / full-time professor, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb, Department of Dairy Science
2004 – 2007: Acting director, Agency for Science and Higher Education Croatia
2003 – 2005: President of National Council for Higher Education Croatia
2001 – 2006: Dean/ Full-time professor, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb
1997 – 2001: Head of department/Full-time professor, Department of Dairy Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb
1993 – 1997: Head of department / Associate professor, Department of Dairy Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb
1989 – 1993: Head of department / Assistant professor, Department of Dairy Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb
1972 – 1989: Assistant, Department of Dairy Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb

2001 Full-time professor with tenure
1997 Associate professor
1993 Associate professor
1989 Ph.D. – Obtained Ph.D. in: Tounj Cheese – Contribution of Knowledge of Autochthonous Milk Products of Croatia. Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb
1976. Mr. Sc. – Obtained Mr.sc in: Influence of silage with zinc-bacitracin antibiotic on milk quality, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb
1971. Dipl. Ing. of agriculture/ MSc in Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb

Other Trainings/Specializations:
Participated at numerous national and international conferences that covered topics of higher education and science, and was an invited lecturer at several of them.
Promoting importance of quality standards and culture and raising awareness about the importance and the need for improvement of public policies in science and higher education.
Gave lectures at the Michigan State University, Nanjin University and others.
Leader of a current VIP project and 6 finished scientific projects, of which one was a FP7 project (SEE-ERA NET PLUS, for which she acted as a coordinator), one technological and three applied.
Author of over 150 scientific and professional publications, author/co-author of 5 books and one university textbook.

Membership in Professional Associations:
NATO’s Food and Agriculture Planning Committee – civil expert in 2005. and 2010.
International Consortium of Agricultural and Related Universities – member of the Executive Board since 2005
Croatian Dairy Union – initiator and editor of the first Croatian dairy review for education of milk and dairy product consumers Mlijeko i ja
International Dairy Federation – president of the National Committee for Croatia
Hungarian Accreditation Committee
Helsinki Group on Women in Science
Network of Central and Eastern European Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education
Croatian Society of Lobbyists – president of the Court of Honour
Committee Responsible for Drafting Amendments to the Act on Scientific Activity
Committee for Drafting Public Research Institutes Network Document
Committee for Drafting Recommendations of Criteria for Scientific Centres of Excellence
Committee for drafting guidelines Strategy for Higher Education, Science and Technology
Main Committee of the Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences
Committee for Monitoring Implementation of State Matura Exam and the National IT System for Applications to Higher Education Institutions

2007 Decoration by the President of the Republic of Croatia ‘Order of Danica Hrvatska with the face of Rudjer Boskovic’
2001 The winner of Annual state award for science in the field of biotechnical sciences for special scientific achievement, particularly for the researches of the quality of milk and dairy products

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Countries of Work Experience: Denmark

Languages Spoken: English, Italian, German

Research Interests:
Technologies and quality in milk production and processing
Traditional milk products in Croatia
Sensory evaluation research
Cheese manufacture technology
Hygienic quality of cow, sheep and goat cheese
Food safety

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