Lovorka Zergollern-Miletić

Name: Lovorka Zergollern-Miletić, PhD

Position: Assistant Professor, Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb

Nationality: Croatian

Employment Record (from newest to oldest):
2010. – present: Assistant professor at the Faculty of Teacher Education in Zagreb, Croatia
1999. – 2010.  Senior language instructor, the Department of English, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb
1993. – 1999. Language instructor, Department of English, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb
1985. – 1993. Junior researcher, Institute of Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb
1984. – 1985. Teacher of English and French at a school for foreign languages, Zagreb

2008. PhD in Definiteness and Indefiniteness in English and Croatian
1990. MA in Black Humour in the Novels by Kurt Vonnegut and Joseph Heller
1985. BA in English and French languages and literatures

Other Trainings/Specializations:
Various seminars, study visits and summer schools in the USA, UK, France, Belgium and Poland.

Membership in Professional Associations:
Croatian Association of Applied Linguistics
Croatian- Canadian Academic Society
Central European Association for Canadian Studies
Croatian Society for American Studies
Croatian Society for English Studies

Selected Bibliography (max 5 titles):
1. Zergollern-Miletić, L. &  Horváth, J.  (2009). Coherence and Originality in University Students’ Writing in EFL – The Zagreb-Pecs Project. In  R. Lugossy, J. Horvath  & M. Nikolov  (Eds.) Empirical Studies in English Applied Linguistics (http://app.pte.hu/uprt2008/contents.php) (pp. 135-151). Pecs: LinguaFranca Csoport.
2. Zergollern-Miletić, L. (2009). The categories of definiteness and indefiniteness as a problem of translating from Croatian into English and vice versa.  In  M. Cichonska (Ed.). Kategorie gramatyczne i semantyczne a pragmayczne w językach słowiańskich (pp. 70-80). Katowice: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskego.
3. Zergollern-Miletić,L. (2010). English Articles Revisited. In M. Lehmann, R. Lugossy, R. & J.  Horváth (Eds.).  UPRT 2010: Empirical Studies in English Applied Linguistics (pp. 165-173). Pecs: Lingua Franca Csoport.
4. Zergollern-Miletić, L. (2011). An Eternal Question: How to Teach Culture?. In  J. Horváth (Ed.) UPRT 2011: Empirical Studies in Applied Linguistics. Pecs: Lingua Franca Csoport.
5. Zergollern-Miletić, L. (2014). Translation in Language Teaching: A Few New Thoughts. In J. Horváth & P. Medgyes (Eds.). Studies in Honour of Marianne Nikolov. Pecs: Lingua Franca Csoport.

Countries of Work Experience: Croatia

Languages Spoken: Croatian, English, French, German, Italian

Research Interests:
Indefiniteness and definiteness in English, Croatian and French
Researching and teaching cultures
Language acquisition

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