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We are the Croatian-Canadian Academic Society. Our main objective is to promote Croatian-Canadian cultural and social ties. Our activities are focused on two levels:

  • the level of science, research and education, which studies and disseminates knowledge regarding various academic disciplines related to Canada, from the humanities and social sciences – such as literature, cultural studies, sociology, history, law and  economics – to natural sciences and others. The goal is to study Canadian topics individually and in comparison with Croatian topics in order to improve Canadian Studies in Croatia and contribute to those studies on a global level.
  • the level of information, popularization and networking in order to inform and connect our people with the Canadian culture and society through Canadian movies, fiction, scientific literature, guest appearances by artists – singers, writers, actors, acting troupes – and hockey players and other athletes. An additional goal is to acquaint and connect Canadians with Croatian culture and society in order to raise awareness and strengthen the connection between Canada and Croatia. At this level the goal of the Society is to have a good time, to meet new people, socialize, learn about life in the great expanses of Canada, as well as to deepen the relationship between Canada and Croatia.

Our members come from the academic community – teachers, researchers and students – from the field of culture and arts, the cultural and creative industries, sports and other areas, that are genuinely interested in Canadian society and its development.

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